PM/CM & Owner’s Representative

Diverse owner’s representation for effective construction projects.


Representing Owners with Skill, Wisdom, and Experience

Building and infrastructure projects are complex, requiring intricate choreography of all parties and their work to ensure successful project delivery. As our clients’ trusted partner, Otak offers deep expertise, counsel, and creativity to realize your vision within budget and on time. At Otak, your vision becomes our mission.

What is an Owner’s Representative?

Every owner has unique needs, so owner’s representatives must be highly flexible. An owner’s representative provides a range of essential services throughout all stages of a project, working alongside owners to understand their needs. To ensure that complex goals are easily met, an owner’s representative augments staff and is attuned to details crucial for driving projects and making critical decisions for the owner. Our talent relies on softer skills which help guide our clients to what they need. Then, we deliver those needs.


Educators are best at educating, and construction projects can compete with that vital service, yet they are necessary for the health, safety, and well-being of students and teachers. Building improvements are significant undertakings demanding considerable stakeholder engagement, oversight, and resources, and Otak is here to help. Whether planning to renovate facilities or frugally replace aging infrastructure, our expert team handles the complexities of your project.


Healthcare is at the heart of our communities, and Otak’s trusted project management team knows how to work alongside our healthcare partners in the development of spaces that heal body, mind, and spirit. Whether planning large hospital replacements or improving retail medical clinics, our experts guide you through the planning, design, and construction to ensue your project’s logistic and fiscal success without distracting essential medical professionals.

Public Works

While all projects demand meticulous financial management and strong owner advocacy, public sector clients also contend with heightened community oversight, stakeholder engagement, complex organizational structures, and stringent public procurement requirements. Otak helps municipalities and public agencies tackle their most complex community investments by focusing on comprehensive budgeting, bond and funding stream management, scheduling, risk assessments, energy incentives, seismic rehabilitation, historic renovation, greenfield development and land entitlements, and change management.

Private Works

Otak provides outstanding owner’s representation for the private sector, including: Class A office buildings, Industrial Tilt up Flex Offices, Cross Docks, Built-to-suit, retail shopping centers, furniture stores, restaurants, condominium towers, and apartments. Handling the entire construction and budgeting process—concept, land purchase, through land entitlement, site and building design, construction, tenant buildout and move-in—our leadership coordinates with all related entities on your behalf, including architects, engineers, and contractors.

Advanced Tech

From lab expansions to complex semiconductor or data center campuses, our staff’s range of proven expertise provides customers with seasoned leadership equipped to plan, coordinate, construct, and validate the most technically challenging facilities. By streamlining the entire process through close collaboration with the owner, designer, contractors, and subcontractors; we shorten schedules, control costs, and prove collaborative projects can be completed smoothly.

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Business Unit Leader
“I am inspired by the entrepreneurial, ‘can do’ drive that unifies every individual I’ve met at Otak. We actively pursue ‘better’ whenever possible.”

Sarah Oaks

Director of Project & Construction Management

“Completing a challenging project where the owner appreciates the hard work our team invests is what I enjoy most about project management.”

Doug Garland

Practice Area Leader

“My super power is creating high trust environments between the owner, architect, contractor and consultants.”

Shawn Klinkner

Senior Project Manager

“I enjoy working at Otak because of our dedication to hard work and commitment to better the places where we live, work, and play. ”

Bob Collins

Senior Project Manager

“I have always wanted to be an architect and that pursuit lead me to overall project management.”

Dave Lintz

Senior Project Manager

Advanced Tech
“My superpower is the art of planning. ”

Renee Rhiner

Data Center Program Manager

Coastal Oregon
“I allow my clients to focus on what they do best and assist them in making their dream projects come true. ”

Brian Hardebeck

Senior Project Manager

Rocky Mountain Region
“Having a calm presence during chaotic times is a fundamental element to a successful outcome.”

Henry Alaman

Regional Director, Rocky Mountain Region

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