Environmental Permitting

Embracing and streamlining environmental permitting.


Environmental Permitting

Embracing and streamlining environmental permitting.


Conservation-Oriented Project Planning

At Otak, the health of natural ecosystems is vital, so we work within the proper permitting to protect endangered species and critical areas. Our work is an opportunity to conserve, to actively support our ecosystems, and to connect human communities with the natural environment by preserving invaluable greenspaces.

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What is Environmental Permitting?

Environmental permitting is the synthesizing of project goals to meet environmental regulations set by local, state, and federal governments. It can be a lengthy process, but is a necessary one. Because permits can be slow to issue and often require increased labor to meet compliance, they can delay construction, leading to increased costs. With many different agencies and public groups involved in environmental permitting, Otak makes our clients’ large-scale projects possible while abiding by environmental regulations.

Wetland & Stream Delineation

Otak specializes in wetlands and streams disturbed by agricultural lands, structures, and redevelopment projects, all of which impact natural ecosystems. With complete understanding of local, state, and federal standards, our scope of knowledge allows us to deliver skilled, compliant work efficiently around water resources from single parcels of land to hundreds of acres.

Wildlife Habitat Assessment

On top of Otak’s competency through all levels of governmental permitting, our expertise also extends to environmental permitting for various geographic regions. We prepare biological assessments, evaluate habitats for project compliance with the Endangered Species Act, and plan accordingly to avoid disturbing animal or plant habitats. We handle this long, bureaucratic task, focusing on the paperwork and red tape so our clients and focus on project design and construction.

Environmental Studies & Impact Analysis

Otak’s analyses and reports accurately depict site conditions for sensitive and protected resources, like animal and plant life. Working with our clients, Otak finds the best solutions to achieve project goals on time while minimizing the environmental impact of construction. When impacts are unavoidable, we explore every opportunity to lessen them and prepare compensatory plans to be approved by local, state, and federal agencies.

Permit Acquisition & Strategy

Local, state, and federal agencies must approve development strategies for projects in sensitive areas in order to issue permits. Otak’s experienced team handles this process, optimizing permitting pathways and opening communication channels. From the start, we coordinate with the necessary agencies, ensuring no issues arise when planning large, complex projects.

Mitigation Planning & Implementation

Mitigation planning is most effective when developed as part of a comprehensive, long-term strategy. The implementation of specific actions that meet that strategy also relies on identifying policies and permitting that reduce risk to losses and hazards. Our team focuses on a full assessment of all potential vulnerabilities, while collaborating on objectives with all stakeholders, to ultimately plan safer communities.

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Environmental Permitting
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