Survey & Mapping

A leading edge approach to surveying and mapping solutions.


Survey & Mapping

A leading edge approach to surveying and mapping solutions.


Survey & Mapping

A leading edge approach to surveying and mapping solutions.


Surveying Tailored to Specifications and Standards

Otak’s surveying team generates accurate, comprehensive, understandable maps — providing necessary context for detailed analysis, site design, and public works. To work as efficiently as possible, we utilize an expansive and leading edge set of tools to our clients’ advantage. Our surveying and mapping services provide consistency with local and national standards, executed by a thorough, punctual team who consistently deliver excellent results, day in and day out.

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Topographic Survey

Focused on your specific purpose and place, Otak’s mapping answers “what can be done?” with a space, concentrating on prominent physical elements, clearly identifying them and how they will affect and interact with existing design plans. Our topographical surveying provides clear, detailed, layered maps of existing conditions that empower users to plan for their mission’s success, be it to improve upon surrounding infrastructure or to design around significant existing features.

Topographic survey at Depoe Bay

Boundary Survey

Boundary surveys (right-of-way and cadastral) accurately identify right-of-way lines, property lines, easements, and other rights to develop and plan a project. Using decades of boundary survey knowledge, our surveyors interpret maps, plats, surveys, and deeds into the context of physical evidence and occupation. Knowing how to prioritize all elements – physical and theoretical – we resolve the locations of right-of-way lines and space to plan for utility infrastructure and transportation needs without confusion.

Used by lenders, attorneys, buyers, and sellers, ALTA surveys clearly reveal legal and physical aspects of a property. Prepared in conjunction with a land transaction or refinance, ALTA surveys provide valuable information about a property to everyone involved. Otak’s ALTA surveys allow users to understand jurisdictional requirements, encumbrances, and zoning compliancy to make informed decisions. Based on a client provided title report and created to an NSPS/ALTA determined national standard, ALTA surveys are nearly always necessary for commercial property transactions.

Aerial view of survey project area

GIS & Remote Sensing

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) provide a visual way to understand complex data, interrelated in a way that lists, charts, and spreadsheets can’t. Otak uses GIS to identify variable patterns and groupings in geographic locations, assessing usage and behavior, and accounting for those factors in conjunction with physical features during project planning. Our firm also uses remote sensing means, including light (LiDAR) and sound (SONAR), to provide date in large, detailed, and inaccessible areas, offering superior, detailed information.

Construction Staking & Verification

Construction staking takes planned improvements and lays them out on a site, interpreting design into where they will physically exist on the ground. This crucial step allows the team to identify potential issues at the outset and preemptively correct them with accuracy. Working on behalf of an owner or project manager in verification, our team checks staked and built improvements as construction progresses, catching errors before they happen and limiting the cost to correct.

Image of construction surveying in the field

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ALTA / Topographic / Platting
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