American Plaza Towers Portland, Oregon

Otak CPM is providing project management services for American Plaza Towers Condominium Association (APTCA). This property consists of three high rise towers, the Madison, Grant and Lincoln; along with a four-level underground garage between the towers underneath the plaza that provides access to the towers. Otak CPM is providing evaluation, design and oversight to American Plaza Towers for the waterproofing and structural upgrade of the underground parking garage which includes 4 floors underground with 402 parking spaces, totaling approximately 250,000 square feet. The repair and maintenance has required the removal and replacement of the plaza roof level paving and planters.


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“I have always wanted to be an architect and that pursuit lead me to overall project management.”

Dave Lintz

Senior Project Manager

“Having a calm presence during chaotic times is a fundamental element to a successful outcome.”

Henry Alaman

Regional Director, Rocky Mountain Region