When it’s in your DNA, it’s part of everything you do.

Resiliency and Sustainability

Sustainability is not just a buzz word at Otak – its embedded into our core values and the work we do. As engineers, planners, architects, and designers, we have an opportunity every day to make meaningful contributions to a more sustainable future in the face of climate change. Guided by our sustainability action plan, we are committed to creating more vibrant, resilient, and equitable communities where we live, work, play and around the world.

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An Overview of Corporate Responsibility

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A Framework for Sustainable Action

Pillars for Sustainable Development

We recognize that sustainable solutions are just the first step in creating communities of impact. Equity, transparency, community-based thinking, and diversity are woven in to the fabric of a holistic approach. Otak has aligned our initiatives with the United Nations Sustainable Development goals to help guide our multi-faceted approach to environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting.

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Certification Logos
One of our passions is taking complex problems and identifying innovative solutions that serve to benefit our clients and their communities. Otak is experienced with many rating systems, including LEED, GreenGlobes, Envision, Greenroads, WELL and SITES. While many of our projects incorporate principles of sustainability and resiliency, we invite you to read more about our favorites.

Featured Sustainability Projects

Block 49/Gray’s Landing
Buckmire Slough Tidal Reconnection
OHSU Collaborative Life Sciences Building and Skourtes Tower Project

Each of our practice areas takes a unique approach to sustainability. If we have learned one thing over the years, is that there is not a “one-size-fits-all” solution. Our teams strive to work dynamically to take a multi-faceted approach to problem solving and design and are experienced in guiding clients through pursuing LEED, Envision, Greenroads, WELL, and Green Globes certifications.

Meet Our Accredited Staff
David Graff, Civil Engineer

A Sustainable Approach to Pedestrian Bridge Inspection

“A lot of these bridges were on the same highline canal trail system, and when you’re going and inspecting pedestrian bridges, being a pedestrian just feels right.”

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Maddie Woods, Sustainability Manager

Maddie Earns STP

“I was eager to learn more about transportation projects, and with Greenroad’s focus on doing that sustainably plus the influx of money coming to sustainable construction through the new Infrastructure Bill, resilient transportation is really the future.”

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Charles Dewey, Water Resources Engineer

Charles Earns ESP

“I was always interested in doing something that could help improve the environment – to help restore the damage that previous construction wrought to the best of my ability.”

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Sustainability In Our Business

Our Passion for the environment can be seen across our business operations, and our Green Otak (GO) Committee is the driving force behind those sustainability efforts. Since 2019, Otak has been a carbon neutral company. We partner with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation to offset our annual emissions through verified regional projects and partnerships.

A focus on decreasing our environmental footprint in each office:

  • Employee commuting stipends or transit passes
  • Composting
  • Energy efficiency upgrades
  • Participating in commute challenges
  • Environmental-focused clean-up efforts
  • Sustainable Catering Policy
  • Hybrid work policy