Project Controls

Using data and technology to strategize with confidence.


Project Controls

Using data and technology to strategize with confidence.


Dynamic and Innovative Project Management

At Otak, our client’s investment is paramount, and we protect it by managing projects efficiently and transparently. Whether a single project or hundreds, our team identifies issues impacting critical paths and circumvents delays by working both with emerging technologies and with legacy tools to organize finances, logistics, and paperwork.

What Is Project Controls?

Project Controls is the analytical processes used to predict, understand, and constructively influence the time and cost outcomes of a project or program. Project Controls relies on the structured communication of information and data in formats that assist effective management and decision making. The process is a function that is critical to achieving successful outcomes, delivering benefits to cost, time and performance.

Tools for Project Controls

Emerging client technologies develop quickly, but our tools are at the forefront of project controls. Our team-oriented and highly skilled staff’s communication and project controls are the center of our multidisciplinary firm’s group effort. We analyze trustworthy data collected and organized by reporting systems to make informed scheduling and strategy decisions. Otak guarantees efficient and predictable plans, saving our clients’ resources in the long run.

Project Controls for Design Phase

Design is a vital part of any construction project, but often designers are underequipped to estimate costs and new timelines when changes are requested or when the realities of a project set in. Otak’s project controls preemptively show our clients the added costs that design changes will bring to their project. Otak also helps our clients find their best option early on before changes arise. With our project controls, our clients enjoy an insightful and empowering array of planning information.

Project Controls for Mission Critical & Advanced Manufacturing

The last thing our clients want is their large, costly project delayed. To develop a tight and efficient schedule, Otak sequences all the work to hit target dates, protecting our client from additional expenses. Highly technical jobs need refined controls, and at our data centers, we use emerging technologies and alternative energy options to streamline our clients’ projects. To guarantee mission critical success, Otak uses advanced technologies to create cost and resource loaded schedules, visualized both in 3-D and 4-D, anticipating conflicts and solving problems before they arise.

Project Controls for Private Work

Everyone wants to save money, especially with large construction projects. One of the best ways to so is by deciding on a firm plan that mitigates flaws and reduces project time. Otak’s project controls protect owners’ interests and resources by resolving disputes, running simulations of possible building projects, detecting for inefficiency and costs, and by hiring the right people to do the right job. We know that the largest risk is incurred when developing schedules, so we use data to plan extensively before putting work into action.

Project Controls for Public Work

Many public groups lack the industry knowledge to consider all the factors a complex construction job demands, so we adapt our approach to best communicate with them. We use graphics, graphs, and aerial photographs to explain high-level work in a digestible way, maintaining open communication with our clients. Otak understands the often-complex relationship that local jurisdictions will have with proposed projects. We cut through bureaucratic red tape, getting public projects started while also working to reducing the project’s environmental footprint. 

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