Internship Program

Follow Your Passion, Begin Your Profession

Otak’s various business units collaborate seamlessly to bring the Otak Internship Program to life. We recognize the significant impact a comprehensive internship initiative can have on our recruitment, hiring, retention, and stewardship goals.

Excited to join us? Explore our current openings and apply directly for any internship opportunities that align with your aspirations.

A Multidisciplinary Approach Guiding Many Professional Pathways

Our internship program is strategically crafted to cultivate intentional learning through meaningful project engagement, mentorship opportunities, and cohort development. By actively participating in the program, you will acquire valuable real-world work experience that aligns with our commitment to professional growth and development. At Otak, our work is driven by the professional passion of our team, and the internship program serves as an initial step on that professional journey.

Resources to Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk

Designed to create a talent pipeline, inspire professionals, and gather fresh insights from dynamic, innovative individuals embarking on their careers, Otak’s internship program provides experiential learning opportunities across our areas of expertise. These opportunities are centered around diverse projects with clear objectives.

A graphic displaying the Otak Internship Program and its structure for introducing interns to multidisciplinary expertise.

Chart Your Course