Internship Program

A Multidisciplinary Approach Guiding Many Professional Pathways

With more than a dozen disciplines often working together on a countless variety of projects, our teams never stop learning. This endless pursuit of knowledge is passed down to interns through first-hand experience solving real-world challenges as well as a unique program structure that reflects our multidisciplinary organization. A series of interactive sessions, led by experts from our numerous fields, during the course of our internship program is designed to deliver exposure to a complete picture of our industry, and equip individuals to chart – we love to hire our interns! – their professional path.

Resources to Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk

Setting up interns for future success extends beyond the knowledge and experience they acquire. Through our mentorship program, every intern establishes a professional connection to pick up on the things you don’t learn in books. From regular catchups to career guidance, interns have the resources to learn the many languages of the industry while building a professional image that suits them best.

A graphic displaying the Otak Internship Program and its structure for introducing interns to multidisciplinary expertise.

Chart Your Course