Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Uplifting communities, one project at a time.

Building with Equity and Inclusion

By leading with our values of care, compassion, and courage, we are transforming communities by design. Our focus on equity and inclusion shows up in our work, our community engagement, and the relationships we build with our partners and neighbors. We leverage these important relationships by asking meaningful questions about how we can better support our neighbors and amplify their voices, especially those of marginalized and underrepresented communities. DEI is a responsibility and practice, and Otak is proud to live this practice in our work and outreach.


Otak actively seeks to partner with minority business enterprises and certified firms in the jurisdictions where we work. Our mission is to not only amplify community voices in the design process, but also involve the community directly in a piece of infrastructure – built with their guidance and our know-how. We share our clients’ commitment to promoting socially and environmentally responsible business participation in business opportunities.

Projects of Equity in Design, Engineering, and Planning

The Byway at Wood Village
Dungeness River Bridge and Floodplain Restoration
Bybee Lakes Hope Center

Working with Small Businesses to Flourish

Otak recognizes that supporting minority business enterprises requires a strategic approach to building relationships, cultivating opportunities, and providing mentorship. We provide mentorship opportunities to teaming partners and students exploring paths within the AEC industry, designed to individual needs and interests throughout the project lifecycle.
Building Equitable Relationships

To build relationships, Otak engages with national, local, and regional professional organizations and events that serve women and minorities in our industry, including:


To represent diverse perspectives in the communities for which we design, we intentionally seek a diverse set of voices and perspectives to add to our roster. Recruiting staff from a variety of backgrounds and focusing our outreach efforts on minority-focused groups like OAME, NOMA, and WTS deepen our knowledge of the field— giving us valuable insight into our surrounding communities.

Voices of Diversity

Adreanna Broussard

“I craved the disruption that civil [engineering] provides. It’s a comfortability with being uncomfortable that has made me a better professional and better able tackle challenges within a constantly changing industry.”

Project Controls Analyst

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Tobias Wisner

“Pride represents having hope that kids, teens, and adults can see the celebrations and feel comfortable and that being queer is something to celebrate and love about yourself.”

Communications Coordinator & Copywriter

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Many Strengths, One Team