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Oregon SW Washington

Regional Director & Engineering Lead
“At Otak we’re blessed with cool clients, great projects, and fabulous teammates.”

Tim Leavitt

Director of Civil Design, Oregon & SW Washington

“Otak’s commitment to provide unique multidisciplinary solutions to our clients’ most pressing challenges is inspiring to me.”

Brian Fleener

Director of Architecture

Professional Registrations

Registered Architect (RA): Alaska | Arizona | California | Colorado | Florida | Hawaii | Idaho | Indiana | Kansas | Kentucky | Maryland | Michigan | Minnesota | Missouri | Nevada | New York | Ohio | Oregon | Tennessee | Texas | Virginia | Washington | Wisconsin | West Virginia
Construction Management & Inspection
“Problem solving and tangible results that can improve people’s lives make this my ideal line of work.”

Mike Williams

Manager of Construction Management & Inspection, Oregon & SW Washington

“Otak has always provided me with the opportunity to chart my own course and surround myself with amazing, talented, and interesting people.”

Kevin Timmins

Director of Water & Natural Resources

Planning & Landscape Architecture
“My job allows me to blend my passions for building community and healthy natural environments.”

David Sacamano


Manager of Planning & Landscape Architecture, Oregon & SW Washington

PM/CM & Owner’s Representation
“Completing a challenging project where the owner appreciates the hard work our team invests is what I enjoy most about project management.”

Doug Garland

Practice Area Manager, Oregon & SW Washington

Structural Engineering
“The best part of my job is seeing needed infrastructure (especially bridges) get designed, permitted, and built.”

Doug Sarkkinen

Director of Bridges & Structures

Puget Sound

Regional Director & Engineering Lead

Nico Vanderhorst

Regional Director, Puget Sound

“It’s important that we make sustainability a priority, starting with staff training that is carried forward and reflected in our daily business practices and projects.”

Jennifer Goldsmith



Professional Registrations

Licensed Geologist: WA Project Management Professional (PMP)
Planning & Landscape Architecture
“I enjoy planning at various scales and understanding how people interact with spaces and environments to ultimately improve those experiences.”

Mandi Roberts


Director of Planning & Landscape Architecture

Project Controls
“I love meeting new people and building relationships. ”

Walter Tarr

Manager of Project Controls

Structural Engineering
“The structural group touches a lot of projects and our role in each of them can vary greatly… I think one thing I do well is keeping a lot of tasks moving at the same time.”

Bob Doherty


Senior Project Manager


Regional Director & Engineering Lead
“I like the fact that Otak is a firm that values sustainability and working to make our communities better places.”

Chris Bisio


Regional Director, Colorado

Professional Registrations

Professional Engineer (PE): CO
“Truly amazing projects stem from teams that generate ideas specific to the project and the place, not precedence or design magazines”

Kurt Basford


Manager of Architecture, Colorado

Professional Registrations

Registered Architect (RA): Colorado
Construction Management & Inspection

Jeff Meyer

Manager of Construction Management & Inspection, Colorado

“Working at Otak allows me to experience interesting, exciting projects while furthering my professional and personal development. ”

Tracy Emmanuel

Manager of Water & Natural Resources, Colorado

Structural Engineering
“I enjoy earning my clients’ trust.”

Dan Beltzer

Manager of Bridges & Structures, Colorado