Union Pacific Railroad Survey and Mapping California, Oregon, Arizona, Montana, Wyoming, Washington

With over 32,000 miles of routes across the United States, Union Pacific represents an integral component of the country’s supply chain infrastructure. As the shipping franchise continually expands its system of railroads and land access, Otak is on-hand to ensure projects get off the ground while properly mapped.

Varying Project Requirements, Consistent Survey Delivery

When it comes to property acquisition and easements along railroads for Union Pacific planning, this on-call project involves varying requirements from one location to the next. Spanning the western United States (including California, Idaho, Oregon, Nevada and Arizona), meeting various jurisdictional requirements and safety certifications is central to that work. Union Pacific has built reliability and efficiency into the surveying practice with a consistent team that travels to each site. Through that consistency comes a deep knowledge of past projects and research that’s applied to anticipate the specific standards each circumstance presents. With strict background, safety and flagging protocols, consistency in railroad work also includes certifications. Maintaining relevant certifications (eRailSafe, ContractorOrientation, RailroadEducation, Amtrak, Roadway Worker) allows the Otak survey team to start and complete Union Pacific work quickly and properly.


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ALTA / Topographic / Platting
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