Peterson Creek Fish Passage Project Tillamook, Oregon

Dedicated to conserving and restoring Tillamook County’s estuaries and watersheds, the Tillamook Estuaries Partnership is a nonprofit organization addressing the critical problems of habitat loss, decreased water quality, sedimentation, and flooding.

A Bridge Designed to Replace a Fish Barrier

In conjunction with Tillamook County Public Works and the Salmon Superhighway Partnership, the county hired Otak to lead design of a fish passage/culvert replacement project on Peterson Creek, a tributary to the Miami River on Oregon’s North Coast. A 60-foot span bridge will replace a six-foot culvert that blocks fish passage upstream, opening up several miles of potential habitat. Since this is an emergency evacuation route, the replacement structure will be constructed in stages to keep traffic and freight moving.

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Natural Systems Design
“Otak has always provided me with the opportunity to chart my own course and surround myself with amazing, talented, and interesting people.”

Kevin Timmins

Director of Water & Natural Resources

Environmental Science
“It's important that we make sustainability a priority, starting with staff training that is carried forward and reflected in our daily business practices and projects.”

Jennifer Goldsmith



Professional Registrations

Licensed Geologist: WA Project Management Professional (PMP)
Structural Engineering
“The best part of my job is seeing needed infrastructure (especially bridges) get designed, permitted, and built.”

Doug Sarkkinen

Director of Bridges & Structures

Survey & Mapping
“We have a great team here. We’re all focused on doing good work for our clients. It’s also a fun atmosphere, where we laugh out loud, a lot.”

Jon Yamashita

Director of Surveying