Lommen Bridge Replacement Tillamook County, Oregon

Once considered the second most hazardous bridge in Oregon, Lommen Bridge in Tillamook County was at risk of collapse during an earthquake or tsunami. Its replacement represents a lasting solution, designed and constructed with a focus on environmental sustainability, for this critical connection to the region’s coast.

A Resilient, Sustainable Bridge Connection to Oregon’s Coast

A new, three-span bridge was constructed next to the existing structure that was cracking and leaning. This allowed traffic to be kept open at all times during the project. The bridge replacement was constructed as one of only two bridges in Oregon to use the latest seismic-resilient technology of lead-rubber seismic isolation bearings. The innovative project solved all of the County’s challenges while coming in under budget and also prioritizing a sustainable approach to local ecology. Otak teams were responsible for the design, construction and environmental science that resulted in the much needed Lommen Bridge replacement.

The Role of Environmental Science

To protect the Nehalem River that flows beneath the bridge, the Otak Geomorphology completed channel migration analysis that was incorporated into the design. Enhanced graphics from sophisticated hydraulic 2D modeling were also shared during community outreach to explain the how the project's engineering concepts were designed with the area's natural resources as a top priority.

The Role of Water Resources Engineering

With a focus on sustainability, other elements like rain gardens, erosion control, and drainage features brought additional benefits to both natural habitats and the surrounding community.

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Structural Engineering
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Doug Sarkkinen

Director of Bridges & Structures

Environmental Science
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Manager of Water & Natural Resources, Colorado

Water Resources Engineering
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