Nepal Economic Corridor Urban Planning Nepal

A complex planning project in close collaboration with Nepal’s Department of Urban Development and Building Construction (DUDBC, Ministry of Urban Development) consists of four components. A regional development plan, structural plan, and an integrated investment plan for the Birgunj-Simara Urban economic corridor, which is an industrial hub and the primary trading hub at the Indian border, were prepared to chart a path for future growth.

Integrated Assessments and Development Planning for an Urban Economic Corridor

Among other things, planning required an integrated assessment of regional demographics, economics and trade, transport, infrastructure needs, spatial development, and disaster risk. The result would develop the capacity of the DUDBC to manage, review and approve City Development strategies, with a focus on 10 Cities during the project implementation period. A national Utility Arrangement Guideline document for standardizing the coordination and placement of buried utilities within the public right of way was prepared in accordance with the urban road design standards. To tie everything together, a business plan was established for DUDBC to implement the recently adopted National Urban Development Strategy.

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