Abu Dhabi Urban Street Design Manual Abu Dhabi

The far-reaching “Plan Abu Dhabi 2030” envisions transforming Abu Dhabi into a leading example of a walkable, sustainable Arab city within 20 years. The Urban Planning Council appointed Otak to develop an Urban Street Design Manual that reflects the principles of the plan, and serve as the design guide for all urban streets in the Emirate. Approved in 2010, the manual puts pedestrians first and defines a street design process for enhancing street network connectivity and capacity. It creates a new street typology system and recommends streetscape enhancements, native, drought-tolerant landscaping and “shadeways” that will encourage walking, bicycling and enhanced access to transit.

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“I enjoy planning at various scales and understanding how people interact with spaces and environments to ultimately improve those experiences.”

Mandi Roberts


Director of Planning & Landscape Architecture