Twin Falls Main Street Reconstruction Twin Falls, Idaho

After over 100 years at the heart of downtown Twin Falls, Idaho, Main Avenue would undergo a major reconstruction to make a number of physical improvements while maintaining its historic context. The design delivers a full streetscape and urban design that rebuilds seven blocks of downtown, incorporating existing township plans alongside extensive community engagement.

Historic Roadway Reconstruction, Complete Downtown Design

As the first major project of downtown Twin Falls since the early 1970’s the reconstruction of Main Street addressed a long list of needs from accessibility and pedestrian safety, to adding vibrancy through color and better sightlines around businesses with redesigned landscape features. Elements included street pavement and traffic flow, sidewalks, furnishings zone treatments, utility connections, public gathering spaces, parking management, furnishings, wayfinding, and branding. The design focused on community utility also added curbless festival street (shared street) segments for special events, a public plaza and concert stage, restroom and storage building as well as an overarching integration of public art and historic interpretation. The successful master plan and preliminary design by Otak was followed by the team moving through final design and engineering for the signature downtown Twin Falls project.

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Planning & Landscape Architecture
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