Indonesia Green City Action Plans Indonesia

The development of four Green City Action Plans (GCAPs) across Indonesia focus on short and medium term actions and investments. These strategic plans aim to bring about sustainable and thriving economies, resilient to the impacts of climate change, disasters and other stresses.

Strategic Plans that Capture a City’s Vision of Sustainability and Livability

For Medan, Kendari, Malang, and Batam, livability was a key driver in prioritization of actions for inclusion into the GCAPs which fulfill each city’s own green ‘vision’. The GCAPs are not just infrastructure investment plans but include policy development, institutional restructuring, capacity development and training, technical studies, and actions related to funding, financing, and implementing projects. The action plans were developed using a participatory approach by establishing a Green Team in each City. Project prioritization was undertaken using a simple, bespoke multi criteria analysis tool developed for the project – this tool was used by the Green Team made up of local public servants (with guidance form consultants).

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