Meadowlark Trail Superior, Colorado

Completing a 10-mile loop, Meadowlark Trail connects multiple trails in the Boulder County Open Space. The 14,000 linear feet of sustainable, soft-surface trail is part of an overall design that meets ADA requirements, creating a public asset that’s broadly accessible to members of the surrounding communities.

Designing a Sustainable and Accessible Trail Network Connection

Existing on the former route of the Morgul-Bismarck Loop of the Coors International Bicycle Classic from the 1980s, the development of Meadowlark Trail connects Boulder County trails with the town of Superior, Colorado. This new link includes the county’s popular Marshall-Mesa trails, Rock Creek, and Coal Creek trail systems. The use of recycled road materials adds a sustainable element to the eight-foot-wide trail. With a portion of the trail spanning challenging terrain, steep side slopes presented a major design consideration for the soft surface trail. Otak led the design in improving this open space park which also included a bridge crossing and the involvement of community stakeholders.

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“When I can see a constructed project in Google Earth, I can see that I have literally changed the world.”

Scott Belonger

Senior Project Manager