Aspen Highlands Trail: Aspen, Colorado

Our team provided complete engineering services for 2,300 feet of multi-use path that connects the City of Aspen Recreation Center with the Aspen Highlands Ski Area. The path is located within a challenging and constrained corridor between Maroon Creek Road and the cliff-like banks of Maroon Creek. These constraints also provided great opportunities to design a trail with beautiful views across Maroon Creek Canyon.

Two bridges (85 ft. and 150-ft spans) were used in the steepest areas to fit the path between the roadway and Maroon Creek Canyon.  Bridges, retaining walls, guard rails and concrete barriers were used to fit the trail in narrow corridors. In many cases, the trail is located within a few feet of a steep drop-off. A concrete barrier/retaining wall combination was used to lower the path grade and best fit the existing terrain wall,  providing a greater level of separation and protection for path users. The path also included a thickened concrete edge to fit the existing grade and provide a anchorage location for a side-mounted railing.

The path was designed to provide overlook areas to make use of the exceptional views. Boulders uncovered during construction were used in the overlook features and natural stone aesthetic treatments were used to match other City of Aspen parks. Site materials and incorporation existing vegetation provide a natural look and feel throughout and minimize impacts to existing vegetation. The project also included a raised pedestrian crossing at the entrance to Aspen Highlands ski area.

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