Centennial Trail Extension Snohomish County, Washington

First developed during Washington state’s hundred-year anniversary, the Centennial Trail is a 30-mile multi-purpose network that follows a former rail corridor through Snohomish County.

A Former Rail Corridor Turned Active Transportation Alternative

In creative a convenient alternative to driving, the Centennial Trail is also popular recreationally for pedestrians, bicyclists, hikers, and equestrians. The 12-foot-wide asphalt trail includes parking facilities, frontage improvements at street crossings, four acres of landscaping, park signage, and related park amenities. Otak’s integrated specialists led the public and County through a thorough master planning process and both designed and managed the construction of the new trail. Features include arrival landmarks with wayfinding and historic interpretation opportunities, gardens, picnic sites, and a large market plaza near the library.



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Nico Vanderhorst

Regional Director, Puget Sound

Planning & Landscape Architecture
“I enjoy planning at various scales and understanding how people interact with spaces and environments to ultimately improve those experiences.”

Mandi Roberts


Director of Planning & Landscape Architecture