Hallam Street & Castle Creek Improvements Aspen, Colorado

As the “Entrance to Aspen,” this stretch of Hallam Street (SH 82) from North 7th Street to the Castle Creek Bridge was designed with pedestrian and bicycle improvements.

Multimodal Improvements Led By Community Outreach

The multimodal design replaced a sidewalk with a multi-use path, raised pedestrian crossings, improved bus stops, widened the sidewalk on the bridge, and added a pedestrian guardrail on the bridge. The pedestrian and bicycle improvements required a new roadway cross-section that included asphalt pavement, concrete pavement, and curb & gutter, as well as removing and replacing the asphalt pavement on the Castle Creek Bridge. It was critical to preserve existing trees, improve drainage, provide for snow storage, increase pedestrian safety, and provide landscape screening. We collaborated with the City of Aspen on a public outreach program that included public meetings, one-on-one meetings with property owners and stakeholders, and a “living lab” in which the City placed temporary barriers along the corridor and allowed the public to get a “live” experience of how the improvements would look and feel.

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