Gateway to Boulder (SH119) Boulder, Colorado

A section of SH 119 called the Diagonal Highway exists in what was once considered the outskirts of Boulder, but has since become a very busy area. Reconstruction of the Diagonal Highway was designed to improve roadway durability and drainage while adding pedestrian and bike facilities where there were none.

Complex Multimodal Design, Unique Roadway Elements

This complex design includes an extensive new drainage system, off-street bike lanes, multi-use paths, and improved transit facilities. With 400 trees, 4,400 shrubs, and 2,000 perennials, a number of landscape features were integrated into the design. The added green space is supported by a new irrigation system as well as three rain gardens that collect, store, and filter rain water and storm water runoff to naturally remove pollutants. Public spaces, including art plazas, were part of an emphasis on adding community value. Otak managed the design of this multi-phased project along with significant coordination between multiple departments within the City of Boulder, CDOT, RTD, and community stakeholder groups.

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