Warren G. Magnuson Park Seattle, Washington

The Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation envisioned transforming a former U.S. Navy airfield into a restored wetland and natural habitat that’s fully integrated with an urban park. A trail system within the wetland complex would also provide access to five newly constructed athletic fields.

One of Seattle’s Largest Wetland Mitigation Plans

In what was at the time the largest compensatory wetland mitigation plan in the City of Seattle, Warren Park also included continued extensive wetland monitoring. That monitoring would include collecting data on vegetation performance, water quality, amphibians and macroinvertebrates, among other parameters. The unique habitat design that combines wetland mitigation with a public park also retrofitted the existing stormwater system to improve water quality and provide hydrology to the wetland. Otak led the environmental design and extensive permitting across local, state and federal levels for the 65-acre habitat and park.

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Environmental Permitting
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