Otak holds the following GSA Schedules:

GSA Schedule Contract 899, contract number GS-10F-0401X

  • SIN 899-1 Environmental Consulting Services
  • SIN 899-7 Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Services

GSA Schedule Contract 871, contract number GS-10F-0319Y

  • SIN 871-7 Construction Management


The GSA Schedule Contracts were developed to assist federal customers in purchasing products and services, and contain pre-negotiated prices, delivery terms, and other terms and conditions. Acquisitions through GSA Schedule Contracts are issued using full and open competition. Prices have already been deemed fair and reasonable, and Contracts are in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, reducing evaluation cycles. Purchases can be made directly from a contractor's GSA Schedule Contract, eliminating time-consuming responses to complex RFP’s and lengthy negotiations. Government agencies can procure commercial services through on-line access to contract ordering information, terms and conditions, up-to-date pricing, and the option to create an electronic delivery order available through the following link: GSA Otak.


Chad Weiser

Special Item Numbers Awarded on Contract No. GS-10F-0401X

SIN 899-1
Environmental Consulting Services
Otak has cultivated a strong relationship with Federal agencies, completing an extensive body of work on a wide variety of projects. We understand and value our public lands, as well as the complexity of each agency’s task in managing and preserving these important natural resources. We know that making good decisions about those resources takes foresight, knowledge, and the involvement of concerned resource managers and citizens. We have developed a unique style of working side by side with governments and the public, using innovative tools and the most current information to generate effective dialog.

Otak is adept at analyzing the existing landscape to document the visual environment, including landscape components such as landform and land cover (water, vegetation, human-made development), and the visual quality of the landscape. Our analysis includes identifying the limits of the visual environment and establish project viewsheds and key observation points. We have extensive experience evaluating the landscape and identifying how proposed changes will alter its scenic qualities, and developing strategies to mitigate potential impacts. We often work in conjunction with other resources and users to find balance and a workable solution that integrates multiple resource needs.

Otak can provide the following services relating to Environmental Consulting:

  • Planning and Documentation Services for the development, planning, facilitation, coordination, and documentation of and/or for environmental initiatives;
  • Sustainable performance measure development;
  • Environmental Assessment (EA) and Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) preparation under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA);
  • Endangered species, wetland, watershed, and other natural resource management plans;
  • Archeological and/or cultural resource management plans;
  • Environmental program and project management;
  • Environmental regulation development;
  • Economic, technical and/or risk analysis;
  • Other environmentally related studies and/or consultations;
  • Master planning services to include feasibility studies and analysis, programming, land use studies, facility assessment and studies, phasing and cost estimating; and
  • Compliance Services such as review, audit, and implementation/management of EMS and other compliance and contingency plans and performance measures; Permitting; Spill prevention/control and countermeasure plans; Pollution prevention surveys; and Community Right to-Know Act reporting.


SIN 899-7
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Services
Otak offers a full range of GIS services which includes spatial data acquisition and management, data creation and documentation, database design, data conversion, Satellite Image analysis, Spatial analysis, 3D Analysis and Visualization, cartography and mapping, and training.

Otak can provide the following services relating to GIS Services:

  • Creation/enforcement of environmental legislation;
  • Cultural resource GIS (CRGIS);
  • Environmental cost assessment;
  • Environmental impact analyses;
  • Environmental regulatory compliance;
  • Groundwater monitoring;
  • Growth forecast modeling;
  • Habitat conservation plans;
  • Habitat modeling;
  • Image analysis support for emergency response;
  • Mapping, Cartography and Mashups (e.g., combining data from more than one source into a single integrated tool);
  • Migration pattern analysis;
  • Natural resource planning;
  • Remote sensing for environmental studies;
  • Terrestrial, marine, and/or atmospheric measuring/management;
  • Vegetation mapping; and
  • Watershed characterization for mitigation planning.


Special Item Number Awarded on Contract No. GS-10F-0319Y

SIN 871-7
Construction Management
Otak has cultivated a strong relationship with Federal agencies, providing professional engineering and construction management services for an extensive body of work on a wide variety of projects. We understand the complexity of each agency’s task in managing diverse capital improvement projects and resources and have the capability to work with your project managers to provide a wide array of construction management and engineering related services in a way that meets your individual agency’s requirements With a widely distributed network of office locations, Otak has the capability to provide on-site professionals in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Otak can provide the following services relating to Construction Management:

  • Provide on-site advisory and assistance support to ensure the project according to the specifications and requirements of the agency.
  • Studies, analysis, and reports related to professional engineering services that do not fall under the Brooks Act.
  • Advise on or manage the process over the project regardless of the project delivery method used by using construction and project managers as principal agent.
  • Assume the position of professional adviser or extension of staff.
  • Identify which delivery method is suitable for the project.
  • Temporarily expand the capabilities of the agency with construction design and management expertise, so that you can successfully accomplish your program or project.
  • Provide expert advice in support of the agency's decisions in the implementation of the project.