Columbia Palisades Subdivision Camas, Washington

On a prime piece of 90-acre property overlooking the Columbia River, The Washington State Department of Transportation planned for an exclusive lifestyle community. The resulting Columbia Palisades Subdivision contains luxury residences, offices, parks and open space, a hotel, commercial buildings, and an open-air amphitheater.

A Public-Private Master Plan for Underused Lands While Maintaining Natural Resource Mitigation

Located on a historic rock quarry, the site has a 180-foot elevation change. At least 180,000 cubic yards of rocks and boulders were excavated to clear the way for 8,500 linear feet of roads, including a roundabout for efficient traffic flow. The complex stormwater design includes right-of-way catch basins, conveyance piping, and mechanical stormwater treatment and regional detention/discharge facilities. Close coordination with the City of Vancouver to create a subarea plan led to the Columbia Palisades Master Plan. Working with The Washington State Department of Natural Resources, planning included preparation of a quarry reclamation plan and natural resources mitigation plan. A successful public-private partnership, this important project is a prime example of redeveloping underused lands. Otak led various facets of master planning as well as land use permitting and infrastructure design in making this community a reality.

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