Pringle Creek Stream Restoration Salem, Oregon

Otak carried forward a project at the 60% design phase at the site of the old Boise Cascade Mill on Pringle Creek in Salem, Oregon. Otak designed a new stream channel through this urban reach to restore a more natural stream condition and improve fish passage. We also provided large wood structures for habitat, performed restoration design calculations for bed gradation and channel geometry, and developed construction plans for the site.

Resolving Stream Issues and Fish Passage Constraints

The project was punctuated by a restricted design schedule. Otak moved quickly and used available data to begin design while additional field data was being collected. Through frequent communication with the City of Salem, Otak was able to efficiently deliver a design that met the City’s needs and within the restricted design time frame.

The Role of Construction Management

Historically confined by certain structures, Pringle Creek included demolition of an overhead slab along with its supporting columns, a holding tank at ground level, and a concrete fish ladder. Otak led the construction management and inspection behind restoring this natural stream.

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Structural Engineering
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Scott Nettleton

Manager of Bridges & Structures, Oregon & SW Washington

Natural Systems Design
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Director of Water & Natural Resources

Construction Management & Inspection
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Manager of Construction Management & Inspection, Oregon & SW Washington

Survey & Mapping
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