North Valley Complex: Oregon DAS: Wilsonville, Oregon

Otak Services Provided: Owner Representation

For the Department of Administrative Services (DAS) in Oregon, the main mission is simple: support state government to serve the people of Oregon. Building a framework for achieving that overarching goal is less straightforward. In an effort to improve the way it’s agencies collaborate and interoperate across its many locations, DAS aimed to develop the North Valley Complex as a one-state environment for it’s operations and brought on Otak to help make that vision a reality.

The idea for the DAS North Valley Complex began with the state’s larger initiative around investing in strategic sites along major infrastructure routes. By adding this project to the list, DAS would have a flagship location for advancing those geographic investments as well as site designed to solve for a variety of other challenges:

  • Bring together multiple state agencies for improved collaboration
  • Update and consolidate antiquated laboratories
  • Create additional warehouse space
  • Offer loading dock support

In order to ensure resilience goals are met, the project uses a CM/GC delivery system. Along with site analysis to confirm the building purchase, Otak has served as the owner representative while also providing counsel on entitlement and permit management with the City of Wilsonville. Otak’s approach to look forward “over the horizon” anticipates issues before they become roadblocks and keeps project momentum to meet schedule milestones.

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