Executive Building: Oregon Department of Administrative Services Salem, Oregon

Originally built in 1936 as a post office, the site for the new Department of Administrative Services (DAS) Executive Building had long been under consideration by the state of Oregon for potential redevelopment. With $45 million in legislative funding approved, acting on the facility’s potential would become possible for DAS utilizing an owner’s representative to help make those plans a reality.

Advancing Client Goals to Modernize a Historic Building

Sitting to the west of the Capitol Building, the structure was erected at a cost of $310,000 and was dedicated on October 16, 1937. It was the only marble post office west of the Mississippi River outside of Denver’s. It served as Salem’s post office until 1976, when a new building on 25th Street took its place. Two years later an addition was built onto the 63,000 square-foot space but had seen no major upgrades since. Today, the site hosts DAS as the State of Oregon Executive Building and will continue to do so in the future as a modernized facility after the renovation project gets underway.

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