City of Washougal SMAP Plan Washougal, Washington

The City of Washougal is advancing its commitment to protecting its natural environment and charting a clear path to implementing stormwater improvements in the Gibbons Creek Watershed. A Storm Stormwater Management Action Plan (SMAP) was developed to help meet those commitments as well as the City of Washougal’s NPDES Phase II permit requirements.

Otak has a longstanding relationship with City of Washougal to help with City maintain compliance with its Phase II municipal stormwater permit and other surface water and groundwater quality regulations. This work is applied to developing a simplified processes for issuing a stormwater permit to small construction projects, and updating source control and illicit discharge ordinances. In developing the action plan, Otak is assessing all receiving waters in the city limits, prioritizing a basin and a catchment as needed for restoration and per the City’s ability to influence conditions in the receiving water. The plan also includes a retrofit plan for the priority catchment, and GIS web applications to deliver effective communications for public outreach on project progress.

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“I like working at Otak because my projects bring me in contact with stormwater managers throughout the Pacific Northwest.”

Trista Kobluskie


Senior Planner