City of Burien Stormwater Planning Burien, Washington

Ongoing work with the City of Burien has developed stormwater planning and design regional facilities for its implementation. With the stormwater management action plan (SMAP) in place, the City of Burien is addressing drainage issues and adding green infrastructure to city-wide development.

A City-Wide Stormwater Plan for Low Impact Development

In what began with a master drainage plan for the North East Redevelopment Area (NERA), the City of Burien has expanded its stormwater approach to its broader infrastructure development goals. Based on basin-level hydrologic analysis and hydraulic modeling, the NERA plan included a planning of existing and future stormwater needs as well as conceptual design and construction management for stormwater regional facilities. The broader Burien stormwater master plan goes further to analyze city-wide drainage issues, design system improvements, and develop its low impact development (LID) code and storm engineering manual. These actions position the city to develop green infrastructure through programmatic stormwater actions that will reduce flooding and improve water quality. In developing these designs, Otak also led community engagement to ensure an equitable process, funding acquisition, construction, and permitting as part of a comprehensive stormwater plan.

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Stormwater Planning
“I like working at Otak because my projects bring me in contact with stormwater managers throughout the Pacific Northwest.”

Trista Kobluskie


Senior Planner