Ash Creek (F Street) Bridge Independence, Oregon

The Ash Creek Bridge on F Street in Independence, Oregon had become structurally and functionally inadequate. A modern structure that supports the transportation infrastructure of the community and enhances the surrounding public spaces – including a unique historic bridge railing system – was designed by Otak as its replacement.

Modern Bridge Replacement, Improved Transportation Infrastructure

As a timber-supported concrete structure on a local collector, the Ash Creek Bridge was only sufficient to pass light, local traffic. The replacement turns that existing three-span concrete bridge into a single-span prestressed concrete bridge, enhancing the route for local traffic as well as community use. The design introduced new raised sidewalks for bicycle and pedestrian traffic while also including a new urban bridge rail that increases protection for pedestrians without causing a blunt end issue for vehicles. With the addition of low-level pedestrian lighting and ornamental handrails, the bridge was configured to enhance the adjacent Inspiration Garden public park. Stormwater treatment allows for sustainable runoff into Ash Creek and sheet pile scour protection prevents water from undermining the bridge foundation while remaining fish friendly. The team lead regular monthly discussions with the client throughout the process, reporting on progress issues and decision points. This collaborative process involved various stakeholders throughout delivery, which included survey, geotechnical, roadway design, bridge design, environmental permitting, and hydraulics analysis.

[Watch] Designing an Aesthetically-Pleasing Structure to Service a Growing Community

As the City of Independence, Oregon continues to reinvent itself in light of steady growth, a functional and aesthetically pleasing replacement structure for Ash Creek Bridge was needed. Take a closer look at the unique approach taken to improve the transportation infrastructure of the community while respecting historical context.

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