Cemetery Lane Trail Aspen, Colorado

This multi-use path provides a safe, user friendly, and aesthetically pleasing connection between multiple trails through the Cemetery Lane corridor in the city of Aspen, Colorado. A 550-foot-long pedestrian bridge carries the trail through the most difficult segment while another 150-foot span pedestrian bridge crosses over the Roaring For River in Henry Stein Park.

A Multi-Use Path and Pedestrian Bridges to Connect A Mountain Trail Corridor

Positioned high in the Rocky Mountains, a Design Concept Report for Cemetery Lane Trail evaluated the cost and expected impacts of various path alignments, structure types and locations. The project was holistically designed to incorporate traffic calming features to improve the overall safety of the trail corridor while connecting the Aspen Airport Business Center (AABC) Trail with the Rio Grande Trail. An innovative use of structures, retaining walls, and safety features were required to fit the multi-use path within a narrow right-of-way and difficult terrain. Intensive agency and public involvement was required, including coordination with the City of Aspen, Aspen Consolidated Sanitary District, Pitkin County, CDOT, Aspen Valley Land Trust and the Cemetery Lane Neighborhood Task Force.

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Project Manager
“When I can see a constructed project in Google Earth, I can see that I have literally changed the world.”

Scott Belonger

Senior Project Manager