Cottontail Trail Boulder, Colorado

The reconstruction of a 3,700-foot segment of pedestrian path of Cottontail Trail in Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks improved its longevity. Over a three month duration, Otak played a critical role in evaluating the existing trail and building a team to successfully complete improvements that make the park more sustainable and ADA accessible.

Trail Improvements Add Durability and Accessibility

Cottontail Trail was realigned steep sections to meet ADA grade requirements and ditches for improved drainage. The design also replaced an existing turnpike section to eliminate its need for constant repairs which included an armored ford consisting of a concrete tread section with 24-inch culvert pipes. Colored concrete with exposed aggregate finish was selected to provide a durable, low-maintenance surface that blends well with the rustic rural character of the area. Otak was responsible for ensuring that the work was done right and on schedule despite numerous changes, acting as the eyes and ears for the owner throughout the construction process.

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