Bucklin Hill Bridge and Estuary Enhancement Silverdale, Washington

Kitsap County wanted to build more than just a bridge. Bucklin Hill Road was an increasingly busy two-lane arterial in Silverdale that crossed the Clear Creek estuary. For many years, the County sought to widen the road and replace its two 72-inch culverts with a bridge to improve fish passage and restore the natural estuary habitat.

Reducing Traffic Congestion and Fish Barriers

Otak helped the County achieve its decades-long goal, designing a 240-foot four-lane bridge and widened road that improves traffic and creates fish passage for the region’s endangered salmon populations. Using an integrated approach, our design team worked with County staff, local businesses, and Silverdale residents to make the bridge part of the community, implementing new lighting, scenic overlooks, bike lanes and trail connections. We also prepared environmental documentation and coordinated the project’s significant permitting. The design accounted for construction staging issues related to working in a tidal zone, road closures and traffic impacts, and the relocation of nine utilities, including a major telecommunications line.

The Largest Roads Project in County Public Works History

To increase traffic capacity, to enhance the tidal exchange, and to improve fish migration the project constructed a 240-foot, multi-span, four-lane bridge, along with new bike paths, wider sidewalks and two scenic overlooks. See the ribbon cutting ceremony and learn more about the monumental project.

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