185th and 145th Street Light Rail Station Subarea Plans: Shoreline, Washington

Otak has completed station subarea plans that propose future development around two new light rail stations in Shoreline to provide greater access to the region’s transit system and create vibrant transit-oriented neighborhoods. The subarea planning processes for both station areas engaged stakeholders and the community in shaping the future plans for the neighborhoods. The plans will maximize short- and long-term land use opportunities presented by the light rail stations, including a mix of residential, employment, and commercial uses; maximize pedestrian and bicycle access between uses that develop in the area; establish a comfortable, attractive, and vibrant public realm; create effective transitions between the newly planning transit-oriented community and adjacent uses; maximize opportunities for housing for a range of income levels; and enhance the ridership base for the expanded transit system.

Work included project management; Sound Transit coordination; environmental impact statement analysis and documentation preparation; infrastructure system planning (streets, stormwater management, and utilities); public participation and community outreach; existing conditions data collection and analysis; market research and analysis (including analysis of property values and fiscal conditions); potential land use changes around the station and major corridors; opportunities, challenges, and alternatives analysis; preferred alternative development; urban design and neighborhood analysis in the stations subareas; and preparation of the station area plan.

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