30th and Colorado Underpass Boulder, Colorado

As essential transportation routes for the University of Colorado and commuting for the general public, updates to these corridors were a priority for the City of Boulder. With the goal of improved multimodal transportation, aesthetic enhancements, and a future master plan for land use in mind, the 30th and Colorado Underpass project would provide important safety accessibility and drainage improvements.

Multimodal Enhancements to a Dangerous, Priority Corridor

An emphasis on multimodal transportation (pedestrian, bicycle, transit, and vehicle) at the intersection of 30th and Colorado also included a grade-separated crossing that was functional and minimally impactful to the surrounding area. The design features two pedestrian and bicycle underpasses as well as a protected intersection. Connected infrastructure to nearby sidewalks, bike lanes and multi-use paths and a reconstructed transit stop improve access to these corridors. A large gravity irrigation carrier pipe supports landscape elements while lighting, art and other features were part of the urban design. Otak developed construction documents in making the City of Boulder’s improved transportation goals a reality.

[Watch] The Ribbon Cutting

Take a look as the City of Boulder’s first-ever, fully protected intersection is officially unveiled and a community comes together for increased roadway safety.

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