Sheridan School District Bond Program Sheridan, Oregon

The Sheridan School District is on a mission to, “provide each student a diverse education in a safe and supportive environment; that promotes self-discipline, motivation, and excellence in learning.” With a 2017 bond program underway, updates to facilities across the district were made possible in order to better serve that mission.

Bond Pre-Planning and A Long Range Facility Plan for School District Renovations

In its efforts to meet the district’s mission and overarching goals in developing students to become self-sufficient adults, the Sheridan High School envisioned significant upgrades to its interior and exterior. Renovations also extended to the K-8 Faulconer Chapman School. The bond program would allow for the complete replacement of domestic water piping and the hydronics delivery system. Those enhancements also involved a number of other updates including vinyl asbestos tiling (VAT) abatement, complete restroom remodels, direct digital control system (DDC) for heating, and grandstand development for sports facilities. Providing owner’s representative and construction management services, Otak’s continuous involvement on the Sheridan School District bond planning would permeate through all phases of the project. From value engineering, procurement, contractor selection, and construction management to overseeing design, procurement, construction, and quality control. Along with a long range facility plan (10 year) in place for the Barbara Roberts Career Tech Center, the Sheridan School District bond program will benefit students and the community for years to come.

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