Reimagining the Colfax and Federal Cloverleaf: Denver, Colorado

The 29-acre cloverleaf intersection of Colfax Avenue and Federal Boulevard is one of the most dangerous intersections for pedestrians and bicyclists in Denver. It presents a significant barrier to bike and pedestrian connections from neighborhoods to the west and community resources such as the Decatur-Federal Station, Platte River Trail, and Mile High Stadium to the east. Leading a study to reimagine this 29-acre space, Otak identified opportunities for safe bike-pedestrian connections, proposed zoning for land gained by simplifying the intersection, and visualized what this intersection could look like if some or all the existing infrastructure was modified. To gather ideas and expertise for this complex visionary project, Otak led a design charrette with stakeholders, including the Colorado Department of Transportation, the Regional Transportation District, Denver City Council, Denver staff, developers, neighborhood organizations, and advocacy groups. Otak also presented the design ideas at multiple public meetings and supported a parallel tactical urbanism project that aimed to highlight the opportunities presented by a revision of the area. Otak’s efforts are being used to spur redevelopment funding and implementation.

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“Otak values my work and I value the opportunities to provide design and input on community interest, National Parks, and international projects.”

Ann Nguyen

PLA, SITES AP, LEED Green Associate

Landscape Architect

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Kelsey Blaho


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Zaq Dohallow

LEED Green Associate, EcoDistricts AP


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Cliff Lind


Landscape Architect