Jasmine Tower: Seattle, Washington


Jasmine Tower is located in the heart of Seattle’s historic International District at the intersection of Maynard Avenue South and South Lane Street. The tower sits above the adjacent low and mid-rise buildings of the neighborhood and has commanding views of Puget Sound to the west, Seattle’s skyline to the north, and the Cascades to the east.

The project is currently in concept design and features a fourteen-story tower of residential units, over a three-story podium consisting of pedestrian orientated micro retail, residential units and amenity space, and three levels of below grade parking. Unique to this project is the incorporation and preservation of portions of the existing Bush Gardens, a three-story turn of the century brick building, which has important, cultural significance to the community.

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“Traveling the world opened my eyes to the role architecture plays in shaping our environment both spatially and emotionally.”

Chris Maykut


“I work with a fun, inclusive, and amazingly talented group of people who are passionate about good design.”

Kelly Buchanan

Project Architect

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Registered Architect (RA): Oregon
“Contributing to the built environment has always been my passion.”

Casey McKenna


Business Unit Leader of Architecture

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Registered Architect (RA): Arizona
“Otak values my work and I value the opportunities to provide design and input on community interest, National Parks, and international projects.”

Gary Reddick

Director of Design

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Registered Architect (RA): California | Oregon | Washington