North Kitsap Service Center Kitsap County, Washington


To improve road maintenance operations and the safe processing of household hazardous waste, the Kitsap County Department of Public Works aimed to update its existing facilities. The design adds a number of new facilities across 16 acres – including a 18,500 square-foot administration building – from a more central location to better protect the environment and serve the community.

Facilities Designed for Road and Waste Operations that Protect the Environment and Community

Dating back to the 1920’s and 1950’s the original Kitsap County facilities had grown obsolete with inadequate storage space for necessary equipment and significantly increased traffic volume.  With over 900 miles of roadway to preserve and maintain, the new facilities are designed to more efficiently operate a number of programs from surface treatment and snow removal to vegetation management to street sweeping. Included in the design are multiple vehicle maintenance shops, a vehicle wash and fuel station, as well as 9,600 square-feet of covered canopy for parking and storage among other road maintenance focused features. The addition of a 7,600 square-foot facility will also improve the county’s ability to collect and package household hazardous waste from a more central location, creating greater access for residents. In leading the preliminary and final design, Otak also conducted internal and external stakeholder engagement, site plan alternatives analysis, permit acquisition, and preparation of environmental review documentation in bringing these new assets to the community.

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