Hillcrest Orchard Commercial District Design Manual Medford, Oregon

Across nearly 60 acres of land in Southern Oregon, a design guideline manual for its development was established to provide clear and consistent direction regarding architectural and site design elements. In setting these requirements for three commercial developments in the Hillcrest District, the Otak team placed an emphasis on ensuring that buildings developed contribute to high-quality public spaces and vibrant town center.

Historically-Inspired Design Guidelines to Develop a Vibrant Town Center

With historic properties featuring pear orchards that define the past of the Hillcrest Orchard area, those same elements provided inspiration on aesthetic guidelines aimed at a modern interpretation for its future. The Commercial Design Manual is outlined with the intention to create a pleasant and memorable experience that attracts people to the area while encouraging them to shop, dine, visit with friends and family, and ultimately return in the future. These standards and guidelines aim to enhance the district’s unique character and elevate the overall quality of design. By incorporating elements from both regional traditions and contemporary styles, specifically the Cascadian and Modern Farm styles, the goal is to establish a cohesive design image that reflects the aspirations and vision of the Hillcrest District while creating a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly commercial district. The design requirements of this manual take into consideration local architectural precedents, historic site uses and character, and local building preferences and materiality.

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