Cannon Beach Parks and Trails Master Planning Cannon Beach, Oregon

Cannon Beach is a community of about 600 full-time residents that attracts over 750,000 visitors a year to its scenic beaches, charming shops and restaurants, festivals and events, and vibrant art community. In emphasizing its features, a comprehensive master plan for long-range development of the City of Cannon Beach’s existing park and trail network.

A Comprehensive Master Plan for Long-Range Development

In addition to its natural features, Cannon Beach also encompasses lands with a rich and important cultural history for Native Americans and early settlers. As the City’s first Parks and Trail Master Plan, the clear, functional document addresses the recreational needs of both the local community and the seasonal influx of visitors, while raising awareness of the historical significance this special place holds. Leading the public engagement process and design, Otak developed a plan that will create an inviolable “green framework” around which other land uses will naturally coalesce and create benefits for the community. After the master plan was finished, the City retained Otak to redesign a state park at Tolovana Wayside, along with beach access plaza and interpretive art in celebration of Oregon’s famed “Beach Bill.”

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