Dalles Bridge Deck Replacement The Dalles, Oregon

The demolition and replacement of existing bridge decking and railings represent critical safety improvements to the Dalles Bridge. For this steel-truss-cantilever bridge on U.S. 197, the failing bridge deck needed to be replaced on a structure originally constructed in 1953.

A Unique Hybrid Management System to Update an Important Regional Transportation Connection

Decking was pre-cast in an adjacent staging area, then moved to the bridge and installed per section as the old decking is cut, raised, and hauled away. A unique hybrid management system embedded the Otak construction management team into the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) offices. Otak performed RFI and submittal review and ran weekly meetings. The team also performed inspection at two sites (in the casting yard and on the bridge) while reviewing labor compliance, and performing detailed review of the project master schedule. As an important connection between Washington and Oregon over the Colombia River, it’s an extremely visible and important project to keep goods and services moving in the region.

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