Grand Teton National Park: Snake River Visitor Facilities Teton County, Wyoming

As one of the most visited areas of Grand Teton National Park, the Snake River is renowned for its accessibility to various outdoor recreation activities such as fishing and float trips. Between aging structures and damage to local ecology as a result of visitor use, Snake River in Grand Teton National Park sought to improve its two of its primary access points (Pacific Creek and Moose Landing) and add new access just below Jackson Lake Dam.

Improved Visitor Use Meets Waterway Integrity

Over time, changing visitor use patterns and deteriorating water access points began to negatively impact the area’s riparian ecosystem as well as Snake River’s overall visitor experience. Improvements at Snake River focuses on improving the visitor experience and sustainability of the visitor facilities. Geomorphic and hydraulic assessments helped determine optimal site locations, design concepts, and characterization of fluvial hazards at the proposed sites. These studies determined the current trajectory of the channel as well as potential risks to any new investments in infrastructure along the river. The design created sufficient parking, hardened facilities to keep visitors out of sensitive areas as well as new fishing platforms, shade structure, restrooms and boat ramps to make recreational use safer and more accessible. This Otak multidisciplinary approach would assess the scenic waterway to maintain its integrity, update water access points and expand in scope to include new visitor facilities.

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