Burnham Street Tigard, Oregon

The area around Burnham Street in Tigard, Oregon had damaged pavement, poor pedestrian access, and increased flooding. Working with City leaders, a concept was developed with engineering improvements to both Burnham Street as well as an adjacent street to benefit the neighborhood.

Roadway Improvements and Green Infrastructure for a Revitalized Downtown

Roadway improvements include features such as flow-through stormwater planters, complete undergrounding of aerial utilities, and multiple pedestrian crossings. Burnham’s sidewalks were widened to feature a unique scoring pattern, stormwater planters with sitting areas, and over 60 new street trees. Burnham Street is part of a revitalized downtown core, serving as a destination for pedestrians and visitors to businesses, an urban plaza, and farmer’s market venue. Green elements consist of 17 stormwater planters, a vegetated swale, stormfilter units, and LED lighting. In an effort to encourage visitors to spend more time on this street, we included benches and decoratively designed planters edged with basalt boulders.

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Nico Vanderhorst

Regional Director, Puget Sound

Planning & Landscape Architecture
“I enjoy planning at various scales and understanding how people interact with spaces and environments to ultimately improve those experiences.”

Mandi Roberts


Director of Planning & Landscape Architecture