Adams County Veteran’s Memorial Brighton, Colorado

As part of significant development to the surrounding area of Riverdale Regional Park, the Adams County Veteran’s Memorial adds a scaled model of the USS Colorado, a vessel that served from 1923 to 1947 and sustained significant damage during World War II. The development aims to not only provide a park for the community to enjoy but also a place to honor living military members and those who have perished.

A Unique Structure to Serve the Community

With a design that extends into Mann-Nyholt Lake, the veteran’s memorial recreates detailed features of the USS Colorado including everything from the battleship bow to the turrets, cables and smokestacks. An interpretive wall and military panels honor the 43 service members who died – along with 198 injured – when the vessel itself suffered hull damage in the Pacific Ocean. Accessibility is a critical factor in the design to accommodate all abilities and provide easy access to all park amenities. Development to surrounding Riverdale Regional Park include a new roundabout and parking lots that enhance an existing trail all to improve public access. Given its position on the waterfront, no-rise analysis and floodplain development permitting also supported the design process. Multiple Otak teams led the design and supporting services necessary to make this memorial a reality.

Battleship & Accessory Structure Model

The Adams County Veterans Memorial was designed as a scaled replica of the USS Colorado. Seating, railing, decking, shelters, and interpretive elements aimed to take on the character of the battleship.

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