Kronberg Park Multi-Use Walkway Milwaukie, Oregon

The multi-phase Robert Kronberg Nature Park Master Plan involved the construction of a multi-use trail connecting the Kellogg Lake Bridge to the existing crossing of McLoughlin Blvd. at River Road and the regional Trolley Trail. For the portion of trail that runs through a forested area, an elevated structure was designed with an emphasis on minimizing disturbance to its natural surroundings.

An Elevated Structure that Preserves the Environment and Promotes Active Transportation

In designing the 12-foot-wide structure, finding an alignment and construction method for the elevated section was done in close collaboration with the City to minimize the removal of existing trees. An illumination plan was prepared to be consistent with the Kellogg Lake pedestrian bridge. The Walkway provides a safe, off-road bicycle and pedestrian connection between the south side of the City of Milwaukie with downtown. The active transportation design means bicyclists, pedestrians and wheelchair users no longer need to travel on the shoulder or in the traffic lanes of McLoughlin Blvd. to access the full trail. The multi-use walkway is a combination of at grade pathway and 600 feet of bicycle/pedestrian elevated structure and includes an elevated combination viewpoint, acting as a rest stop midway along the corridor. Otak led the design, including the elevated structure, as well as bidding, negotiation, construction, and inspection support to completion.


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