The Byway at Wood Village: Wood Village, Oregon


Otak is providing comprehensive planning and design services for this new 184-unit, 135,000 sf multifamily and retail development in Wood Village, Oregon. Located on the former site of the City Hall at the corner of NE Halsey Street and NE 238th Drive, this mixed-use project includes 8,400 sf of leasable retail space. The overall design highlights a Cascadian architecture style, prevalent on the path to the base of Mount Hood, and is highlighted by a signature tower element and pedestrian plaza that anchors the street corner flanked by retail buildings. The remainder of the site consists of 7 multifamily buildings, a clubhouse, pool amenity spaces, and playgrounds. The design takes advantage of the topography by incorporating stepped 3- and 4-story buildings into the slope. Buildings at the low end of the site include top floor “townhouse” units with views of Mount St. Helens and the Columbia River.

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Project Manager
“Contributing to the built environment has always been my passion.”

Casey McKenna


Business Unit Leader of Architecture

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Registered Architect (RA): Arizona
“Otak’s commitment to provide unique multidisciplinary solutions to our clients’ most pressing challenges is inspiring to me.”

Brian Fleener

Director of Architecture

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“Otak values my work and I value the opportunities to provide design and input on community interest, National Parks, and international projects.”

Gary Reddick

Director of Design

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Registered Architect (RA): California | Oregon | Washington
“I’ve stayed at Otak for 23 years because of the great people and variety of projects we do that contribute to building great communities.”

Mike Peebles

Regional Director, Civil Design