March 2, 2018

On a chilly February Saturday morning, Otak’s Rose Horton joined volunteers in her neighborhood to plant 1,100 deer ferns and several dozen other native plants in the first Habitat Patch in the City. The Habitat Patch at Alberta Park is a part of Portland Parks & Recreation’s Ecologically Sustainable Landscapes program. The Stewardship Saturday was sponsored by the Columbia Slough Watershed Council and Portland Parks. At the next planting on May 5th, volunteers will be adding native pollinator plants including the red-flowering currant, western serviceberry, and Mock Orange to complete the understory landscape. For more information on the project, visit

Otak has a long history of community support and encourages employees to pursue volunteer opportunities in their communities. Volunteer categories include education, environmental stewardship, veteran and military families, disaster services, and youth programs, and additionally can include any activities that seek to “better your community.” Otak also organizes group volunteer activities with organizations including Habitat for Humanity, United Way, regional food banks, Friends of Trees, Depave, and many more. In addition, employees are eligible to receive compensation for these volunteering efforts: One 8-hour day of paid time off (PTO) for every 16 hours of volunteer time for up to 48 volunteer hours each year.

Otak is proud of Rose’s involvement in her community, and we encourage other Otakians to follow her lead!

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