December 20, 2016

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   December 14, 2016

This holiday season, Otak’s Redmond office is supporting the employees of Community Transit in their effort to help homeless teens in Snohomish County. 

Their goal is to surprise students in local high schools with backpacks filled with special gifts, hygiene kits, and gift cards. These students continue to attend school and seek their education despite not having homes or the support of legal guardians.  

On December 8th, Community Transit employees exceeded their goal and delivered 70 filled backpacks for these students. Otak was honored to help out by providing backpacks to such a great cause and would like to thank everybody involved.

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   December 1, 2016

Congratulations to Josh Guerra, RA for earning his Construction Documents Technology certification from the Construction Specifications Institute. He took the exam on November 21 after taking a preparation course in the spring.

This certification cements his knowledge of project delivery best practices and provides the foundation for collaboration within construction and design teams. Josh put it best: "This CSI approach to project delivery allows all practitioners to understand the full life-cycle of a project, from project conception, through design, construction, and eventually facility management. It also emphasizes the collaborative nature of our business and the essential functions of Owners, A/E, Contractors, and Suppliers."

Josh also would like to emphasize that the Portland CSI offers scholarships to emerging professionals every year—he was one of the winners. You can learn more about it here.

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