November 23, 2011

Last week Otak sent a team of ‘Intellectuals’ to WorldQuest for Grownups. This evening of international trivia supports The World Affairs Council of Oregon’s Global Classroom which educates Oregon kids about the world. Otak was one of the two sponsors for the event.

The ‘Intellectuals’ came to the event dressed to impress, sporting berets and a varied combination of tweed, sweaters, ties, blazers and corduroy. Eight trivia rounds of eight questions each - wildly ranging across various topics of world culture - provided the evening’s challenge. Questions ranged from geography and current events to world economics and ancient history.

Muddling through the tremendous pressure and responsibility connected to the chosen team name, the ‘intellectuals’ performance hit the mark, answering correctly 38 out of 64 questions, finishing only 2 questions out of third place.

Unfortunately there was not a ‘team attitude’ award for the evening, otherwise the Otak team would have clearly been the undisputed winner. Despite this minor setback, it was a great evening for a great cause, with auctions during the event raising more than $20K.


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   November 9, 2011

Otak water resource engineers Tim Kraft and Kevin Timmins spent Saturday evening at the Portland Art Museum for the Lower Columbia Estuary Partnership (LCEP) Dinner & Art Gala. They enjoyed an evening among friends and colleagues in support of LCEP Outdoor Education programs. No one at the table went home with any artwork, but the table successfully landed a bottle of Port wine during the Live Auction and quickly made it disappear. Otak contributed to the LCEP again this year with a sponsorship that will fund "Big Canoe" field trips for three classes and pays for their bus ride to and from the dock! This is the eighth year in a row that Otak has been a sponsor.

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